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Arie and Gerda run for their godchild Luc

Source: De stem van Dordt - 29th of August 2018 Author: Fred van Dongen

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FOP patient Richard Kiekosz in the broadcast of Kassa television show on Saturday 30 April 2016

How are the people in the Dutch Law Long-term Care doing? That was the subject…

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RTL Late Night

18-year-old Seanie Nammock from London has been fighting the rare disease FOP for six years.…

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Educational film

Watch an educational film by Prof. Dr. Emeritus J. A. Kittermann about Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.…

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I don’t want to be special (Dutch)

Click here for the pdf-file Source: Telegraaf daily newspaper, 6 April 2013. Author: Marion van…

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Rianne’s mother relates: ‘My life is fully devoted to my daughter’ (Dutch)

When your pregnant, you hope the child will be healthy. Later I heard that my…

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